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  1. i didnt know where to find the rules now i have read them and know this is one of the first roleplay servers i have been on im sorry that i fucked up and now i know the rules and that there are green zones so i wont be doing that again i m sorry to all that was involed in the roleplay yesterday i fucked up i know this now
  2. Make a new topic and fill out this appeal. Your In-Game Name: joey bruce Steam ID:76561198177934453 Administrator who issued your ban: unknown Date of your ban:5/8/2019 In your opinion, why were you banned?:i guess i killed someone in the green zone but i didnt know it was a green zone it was my bad What reason was given for your ban?:killed someone in the green zone didnt know there where green zones Why should you be unbanned?:i didnt know there was a green zone i messed up but now i know there are so i wont do it again i messed up and know that now
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