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Visionary Roleplay
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Staff Helper Application [oreo_blancs]

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SteamID:  STEAM_1:1:419685643

Discord Name And ID:   wexies productions#5616

In-Game Name:  oreo_blancs 

How old are you?(Minimum age requirement to apply is 18.):     14

When did you join Visionary Roleplay?: I    joined with woody and I serius roleplay

Why should we choose you to be a member of staff on Visionary Roleplay?: because I have been in the field of staff before and I get along with people 

How active can you be each day?: every day from 5+ est time 

What timezone are you from?: est 

Have you got any previous experience being a staff member?:   yes I have experience in my own server friends server.

Have you ever been punished from our server and what was the reason?: no I have never been punished 

What do you expect from being a staff member?: help people out with what ever they need and get along with more people 

Any issues we should be aware of?: I don't think so 

Scenarios: We will provide a few scenarios that could happen on the server and we would like you to answer with how you would deal with this. (there is no wrong answer) 

A player has broken a server rule. You have attempted to stop him/her in-game and have also asked him/her to stop on the in-game chat. You have given him/her at least a minute to follow your command and they are still driving around, how would you deal with this? I would tp to then and give them one last warning if they still do not listen I would kick them from the server if they keep it going ill put it in chat as a ban and what the ban was for ill give them a 24hr ban and tell a higher up about the situation. 

A player has broken multiple server rules. He/she is ignoring every command you are giving them and breaking further rules. They show no sign of following your commands, how would you deal with this?   kick and if they keep on doing it I would ban them for 24hr and tell a higher up and ill tell a higher up.

A player is upset and feels you have not handled a situation very well. They are beginning to raise their voice. How would you deal with this? I would try to calm them down and get a higher up to my location for them to talk to them and if they would like to complain about me I would tell my higher up that they would like to speak to them 

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Denied. The application states that you must be 18 to apply for a staff position.

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