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Visionary Roleplay
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Fire/EMS Application

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Email Address-

[email protected]

Full Name-

Daniel Reese

Discord Name & Number-

dr.productions_ #2271

Steam ID64-




Date of Birth-


Are you currently in any other FiveM community?-


If yes, what community are you in?-


What is the highest rank you have got in a FiveM community?-

N/A - New to FiveM

Do you own a microphone?-


Where did you find out about our community?-


Tell us about yourself (Minimum 50 words)

I am a 17 year old male who is interested in career as a firefighter. Born and raised in Northern California I have seen it all. I am surrounded by Law Enforcement and the Fire service. I am a super nerd when it comes to this stuff and I believe I can offer great role play scenarios for the community. I enjoy cars and photography as a hobby.

Why would you like to join Visionary Roleplay? (Minimum 50 Characters)

I would like to join Visionary Roleplay because I feel that I would increase the level of play due to extensive knowledge on the topics that I am applying for. I can bring real life knowledge along with experience to overall better the experience of others. I see the opportunity to better the whole server due to lack of law enforcement and my own personal experience being affected. 

What experience do you have in the chosen department? (If you don't have any, not a problem leave this blank)

I have some experience in Fire and EMS due to being raised around it my whole life

What skills can you bring to Visionary Roleplay? (EG: Skills, RP.)

I have knowledge that like I stated can better everyone's situation. I am very creative with my RP scenarios and enjoy including everyone and making every scene seem as realistic as possible.  I have many real life experiences as my dad is  Fire Battalion Chief and been a paramedic since 83'. He has told me many stories that I would love to incorporate into some RP situations. My mom was a Fire/ EMS dispatcher for 25+ years, Overall I feel that I have a lot to bring to the table


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Thank you for your interest in the Fire and EMS department. unfortunately i am going to have to decline your application due to age. I deeply apologize and again thank you for your interest.

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