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Visionary Roleplay
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Bloodie Bones Fire/EMS Application

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Visionary Roleplay Fire/EMS Application

Hello applicant! We would like to thank you for applying for Visionary Roleplay! We all wish you the best of luck on your application.

  • Legal copy of GTA V.

  • Must be 16 years of age when you apply.

  • Must own and use a working microphone.

  • Must be on the server for at least 3 or more hours per week.



Email Address-   [email protected]


Name- Nicole


Discord Name & Number- bloodiebonesgaming


Steam ID64-   https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197983361782/home


Age-  33 while be 34 next month


Date of Birth- 06/06/1985


Are you currently in any other FiveM community?- no


If yes, what community are you in?-


What is the highest rank you have got in a FiveM community?- n/a


Do you own a microphone?-yes


Where did you find out about our community?- playing on server for about a month, play with sanelessgaming and doc chonric. they're my friends and had me come place this game on this server and it's super fun!


Tell us about yourself (Minimum 50 words) I'm a chic streamer that loves to play video games. I live in the NW and I'm usually on between hrs of 6-10:30PST. Married to my husband of 14yrs, have 3 dogs, and a lot of aquatic animals lol. Start gaming when the Saga and original Nintendo came out (gawd I feel old) and have been streaming the past year to year and half. 


Why would you like to join Visionary Roleplay? (Minimum 50 Characters). I have watched Sanelessgaming role play as a cop and it looked like it would be fun. Since the server wipe there has not been many cops on or EMS so I would like to be either or but I would prefer cop more to be honest looks like it would be a little more fun but I would do either.


What experience do you have in the chosen department? (If you don't have any, not a problem leave this blank)


What skills can you bring to Visionary Roleplay? (EG: Skills, RP.) I've played DND, and RP board games

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Sorry for the late reply, I am going to accept your application at this time. please DM me on discord (BigBud#1474) if you are still interested and I will get back to you ASAP.

Thank you for your patience as I return to the visionary community!

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